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          尸体剖检 Techniques: How to Properly Fix Gut Sections


          Standardization of necropsy techniques

          veterinary 病理学家

          Most importantly, when sections of small and large intestines are received autolyzed due to poor necropsy techniques, the 病理学家 cannot properly evaluate the sections, thus leading to an incomplete evaluation.

          The following is a list of standardized (and simple) necropsy techniques specifically for the gut. Follow these basic instructions for the most consistent necropsy results.

          1. Open the abdomen, xiphoid to pubis.

          2. Infuse the GI tract with 10% neutral buffered formalin to fix and preserve the contents and mucosa 原位. Inject fixative into various places along the intestinal loops. If the animal has a gallbladder, inject it with a small amount of formalin also.

          3. Gently lift out all abdominal contents together. If necessary, remove adrenal glands, ovaries, kidneys and liver to facilitate removal of the gut. Examine organs, weigh them, record any abnormalities.

          4. Extend the GI tract gently from stomach to rectum. The intestinal mucosa is very sensitive, and gentle handling must be employed at all times. Dissect off the mesentery, lymph nodes, and pancreas.

          5. Submerge all tissues in fixative (at least 10x their volume).

          NOTE: see subsection (A) and (B) for special instructions related to intestines

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          1. After allowing a few minutes of fixation, take the unopened stomach and open it along the greater curvature. Lay it flat on a piece of cardboard to allow flat glandular/non-glandular sectioning of the stomach.

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