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          Qualifications of Your Contracted Veterinary Pathologist


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          兽医病理学家 play a key role as team members contributing to drug discovery and safety. To ensure that the veterinary 路径ologist evaluating 你的 study has the proper qualifications, be sure to ask the following questions:

          1. Does the 路径ologist follow The Society of Toxicologic 病理 (STP) 建议 to ensure preclinical data generation is compliant with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Volume 21, 部分58 (良好实验室规范[GLP])和 部分11 (电子记录/签名)?

          As digital imaging and data capture are heavily relied upon in 临床前病理, it is essential that the study 路径ologist is familiar with STP 建议 including:

          • 病理 images (printed or digital) used for data generation are raw data that must be authenticated and archived as such
          • Authentication may be done by initialing and dating a print or by specific annotation of the electronic image file
          • 原始数据的图像都受到 GLP procedures and controls (e.g., Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); testing/validation of equipment; training personnel)

          Qualified veterinary 路径ologists will be accustomed to implementing these 建议 in GLP-compliant preclinical studies.


          合格的兽医病理学家将已完成 程序 该坚持的要求 兽医病理学(ACVP)的美国大学。 For the veterinary student interested in toxicology research; various specialty subjects will be included in the training 程序 including pharmacology, general 路径ology, and histology.

          ACVP certification requires veterinary 路径ologists to pass a 全面检查


          Due to the challenging nature of this elective accreditation, only the most qualified veterinary 路径ologists will become ACVP certified.

          3. Does the veterinary 路径ologist have experience with the animal model and/or disease system?

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          4. Is the contract 路径ologist approachable and responsive via telephone and/or site visits?

          Perhaps the best indication of how well an individual veterinary 路径ologist will meet 你的 unique study needs is to ascertain their level of commitment to working as a member of 你的 团队从一开始。考虑点包括:

          5. Finally, does the 路径ology laboratory you have chosen have experience submitting audited reports from a validated software system?

          兽医病理学家 play a fundamental role in assessing the safety and efficacy of 你的 toxicological research and it is therefore essential to ensure that they are qualified and up to the challenge.

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