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          Success in Preclinical Outsourcing: CRO's Exceed Expertise

          As a Study Director, you're perhaps starting to see some of the limitations in what your staff is able to accomplish, particularly with budget limitations.


          success in pre-clinical outsourcing has a strong track record, particularly through contract research organizations becoming a top choice.

          How Fast Are CRO's Growing?
          We've seen CRO's grow exponentially over the years, and they've come a long way since starting in the 1980s. In their earliest days, they typically took on more low-priority projects, which usually consisted of lab work nobody else would do. Things evolved quickly to a point where the skills in CRO's are now at a major plateau.

          Over the last decade, the CRO industry grew exponentially into a major outsourcing market. Expenditures for seeking outsourced services from CRO's is growing steadily as well in numerous scientific communities.

          Despite growth, you may still have some concerns about using a contract research organization. You may worry about project control and confidentiality in handing over your slides to an outsourced team.
          While most CRO's are top-notch, it pays to prepare before meeting and find out what the organization places in its contract.

          Agreements With Your CRO
          Vetting is always important before you do any outsourcing of your lab work. The best CRO's always present non-disclosure and technical agreements that tell you exactly what to expect.  

          The experience level of outsourced teams is an example of why so many industries prefer outsourcing lab services.

          Dealing With Changes in Your Industry
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          An outsourced team from a CRO comes with extensive training so they understand the latest compliance rules.  All of their lab workers know what histology labs need and can advise you on keeping up with your competition.

          Dealing With Scalability

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          Contact us at HSRL to utilize our extensive expertise and make your study a success.

          HSRL Specializes in Histopathology & Specimen Storage Services


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